SOPHIE Releases “Faceshopping,” a Wildly Anticipated Track

Sophie msmsm

SOPHIE is a well known pop producer in the underground pop scene. She just released a new track recently called “Faceshopping”.  In order to understand how unbelievably awesome she is as well as how significant this new single is I am going to dive in on how SOPHIE came to her current form. SOPHIE is originally from Scotland and started her career by creating in a band called Motherland. Her music shifted when she met A.G Cook and Danny L. Harle. When this happened she started working with A.G. Cooks collective record label and genre PC Music. This is where her music bloomed to the loud bubbly unconventional sounds that she still creates to this date. One of SOPHIE’s biggest accomplishments strictly in terms of exposure was her song “Lemonade” appearing in a McDonalds commercial. As time goes on SOPHIE has been able to showcase her talent in 2015 with the release of “Product”. SOPHIE’s Product had a handful of anticipated tracks that were full of spark and emotion that most pop songs would claim to have. These tracks were known only by fans who heard hints of the track live on the rare occasion that SOPHIE would perform. SOPHIE brings to the table a harsher group of noises to fit that are a lot more loud and accurate to feelings that she experiences. As these sounds are not pop sounds SOPHIE manipulates the sounds to fit into the pop world that we are starting to see more of today.

SOPHIE’s identity was very ambitious for up until she released “It’s Okay to Cry”. The song was released with a video of SOPHIE coming out as a women. Before SOPHIE’s gender was never truly revealed to the media until this time. Her new song “Faceshopping” was a part of SOPHIE adding more to her narrative with onboarding someone to do the vocals along with the beat.

Faceshopping has been a song that SOPHIE has been holding onto for at least a year.  Fans have heard of instances where she has mentioned the art of wanting to completely construct herself surgically. This song encompasses these emotions and while telling the listener that it’s okay to want to change what you look like to fit your own personality.





Junglepussy Releases New Music!

If you didn’t already know, Junglepussy is a New York rapper who is the most underrated! Junglepussy’s music focus’ on fruits and veggies, self love, calling out men, and anyone else who needs their behavior checked. She is known for her unusually fitting word play and humorous shade. Junglepussy’s last project, Pregnant with Success was her sophomore album that was just as successful, if not better than her debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Outside of her music career, Junglepussy is seen as an innovator. JP has been known to speak at Yale and Columbia University. She also models and participates in New York Fashion week.


The latest of what Junglepussy has released is called State of the Union. The song contains a lot of great plays on words and the stans are excited for what’s next for JP.

Princess Nokia, Hip-Hop Goddess Hints to New Mixtape on the Way

princess nokia photo


After a wildly successful debut mixtape 1992, Princess Nokia is living her best life.  Princess Nokia is an Afro-Puertorican from New York who has been in the hip-hop scene for a few years now perfecting her craft. This debut has shown a serious amount of progression from her previous project Metallic Butterfly. 1992 is a lot more focused on traditional hip hop with an aggressive femme twist.

Her content also focuses on self-love and her spiritual journey to getting there. She tends to share these self love tips and spiritual qualities on her social media. These tips include teaching others how to make rose water, and speaking on her journey to happiness at Brown University. Princess Nokia also has a collective that she calls Smart Girls Club. From this she creates podcasts, promotes self care, shares art from other Women of Color, and so much more. You can also find her amplifying what she calls her goth and punk side of herself in order to help other people of color with the same aesthetics feel more comfortable with themselves.She can also be found modeling for various companies including Calvin Klein and Champion.

As you can see, Princess Nokia is a very well rounded and established artist. We can expect a lot more from her in the future. She has been on tour for the last year, and is planning on releasing another project next month.


Below is a link to Princess nokia’s former project, Metallic Butterfly. 1992 can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.